Missing Boy

For a short time, we were connected
by an evergreen thread that my eyes saw as red,
you spirited me away,
whispering that you were my best friend,
but you never whispered secrets.

The me all those years ago
thought we would go on forever
and never thought about how easily
thread is cut, no matter the color
when you decided to become a missing boy.

Now, you’re the ghost of a missing boy,
you fade away in fragments 
then reappear as whole
and while your skin is real,
your promises are paper.

You’re the faded spirit of high-pitched laughter
that echoed throughout the halls,
you float around me, tricking me
into lingering longer, 
into believing that you won’t vanish again.

We’ve lost time and trust
with every day of silence until
you became my poltergeist,
an empty version of yourself
you only show to me.

You must think I’m a ghost too
forgiving you like an eternal thirteen year-old
and always phasing into my cold arms,
but I’m flesh and blood and bones 
and I won’t be haunted anymore.

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